Bamboozle Stretch Foxtrot




Our environmentally-friendly night nappy will have you and your wee one foxtrotting with joy.
Team the Bamboozle with our waterproof PeeNut Wrap for unbeatable eco-nappy performance! The Bamboozle Stretch is the absorbent bit and the wrap keeps wetness in. We estimate you’ll need one wrap per five Bamboozles. Shop PeeNut Wraps.
Size 1 holds 575 ml, fits 6-18 lbs 
Size 2 holds 715 ml, fits 9-35 lbs
Size 3 (available in ‘natural’ only) holds 855 ml, fits 35+ lbs
This award-winning two-part reusable nappy lasts the night no problem. It’s super-absorbent and gorgeously soft next to your baby’s delicate skin. Use with our waterproof PeeNut Wrap for unbeatable performance!

Slim-fitting and stretchy for a fabulous fit every time
Adjustable poppers allow the nappy to grow with your baby
Easy hook and loop fastenings
Oeko-Tex 100-certified means no harmful chemicals next to baby’s skin
Made with love in Scotland
Pair with our waterproof wrap which get reused 3-5 times before washing


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