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Periods are threesy-peasy with our trio of reusable bamboo sanitary pads. Maxi pads are perfect for heavy-flow days, and they work overnight too.
Beautiful bamboo makes them super-soft and comfortable, and the popper fastening will keep your pad in your pants without a plastic sticky wing in sight. Bloomers reduce waste, save you money, and have a unique stay-dry binding for fantastic leak protection. Now that’s positively period!
We’re the first brand in the UK to make the waterproof layer (the essential part that prevents leaks) from super-soft recycled polyester yarn derived from plastic bottle waste.
Approximate size:
Maxi: 29 cm, holds up to 170 ml.
Fabric composition: surface – bamboo fleece; core – polyester microfibre; soft waterproof exterior – recycled plastic bottle waste. Made with Oeko-Tex 100-certified fabrics.
More absorbent than disposable pads
Contoured slim fit
Popper tabs to keep them firmly in place
Bamboo fleece surface
Two-layer polyester microfibre core
Soft waterproof exterior
Made in the UK
Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics


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